When We Don’t Know What to Do – TRUST

We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. (2 Chron. 20:12) 

I’m hard pressed to think of a better prayer than that one, uttered by a desperate but confident Judean king named Jehoshaphat.

Jehoshaphat’s ancient perspective is so applicable today. In his context, a dangerous delegation from Edom was closing in on Judah. But his faith was all-encompassing. He wasn’t just trusting the Lord in the face of potential military defeat, but for any disaster that may come!

Jehoshaphat had a disposition of trust, regardless of danger. Even in the face of pestilence or plague, he cried to God.

Today, we must learn to do the same.

Over the next few days, in the hopes of encouraging and strengthening our Star of Hope Family, we’ll be sharing ways that we can all be trusting in the Lord.

Trusting in our Sovereign God together,

Pastor Matt Andersen
SOHM Executive Director

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