Star of Hope Ministries, Inc.

Empowering communities and individuals
through the power of the Gospel


Star of Hope Ministries, Inc. works in partnership with pastors and community leaders of Greater Paterson by providing them with tools and resources to strengthen their capacities to address pain and poverty in the truth and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Network

We presently have a network of 70+ member network churches and nonprofit organizations for city-wide resource distribution and corporate prayer.  We also have a network of support churches, businesses, and organizations that exponentially increase Star of Hope’s capacity to accomplish our mission.

The following program initiatives represent the “what” and “when” of Star of Hope’s plans to fulfill its commitment to our mission as a best practice for urban ministry. 

Churches in Star of Hope’s Member Network have identified the need to provide basic life-skills training in budgeting, computer skills, typing, accounting, ESL, etc.  The John M. Locola Empowerment Center will offer training courses in a safe, non-threatening environment for churches and the community encouraging personal and professional development.

Star of Hope recognizes that by training and mentoring entrepreneurs to start, dream, create, and build businesses, the communities we serve become more resilient and more prosperous.  When courageous business leaders first impact themselves and their family and friends, they can then go on to impact their block, their neighborhood, their city, and ultimately the Kingdom of God.

Job training and job placement are essential for individuals to move towards a life of self-sufficiency.  Providing this training in collaboration with local churches gives this program strength because of the support the local church provides.  Jobs for Life, an internationally recognized job readiness program, has a proven track record of helping people find and keep meaningful employment.  Star of Hope is a certified Jobs for Life training site.   In keeping with our commitment to the local church, Star of Hope plans to transition from offering job readiness training for individuals to training leaders who will offer job readiness training for individuals in their local church community.

While traditional financial education tools can be helpful, they aren’t designed for people struggling to make ends meet at or near the poverty line.  For over 20 years, The Chalmers Center has equipped local churches to address the broken relationships at the root of material poverty, living out Jesus’ Kingdom today.  Star of Hope is trained in and implementing The Chalmers Center’s “Faith and Finances” curriculum.  In keeping with our commitment to the local church, Star of Hope plans to transition from offering Financial Literacy training for individuals to training pastors and key leaders who will offer this training for individuals in their local church community.

Our Computer Literacy course introduces basic computer concepts, including fundamental functions and operations of the computer. Topics include identification of hardware components, basic computer operations, security issues, and use of software applications. Our target audience includes Pastors, Community Leaders, unemployed/under-employed citizens, and technology/computer application-challenged individuals. Single moms/dads and post-incarceration/re-entry citizens